Modern Cottage


love, always

In Modern Cottage design there is an underlying element of authenticity that brings life and meaning to a collection of rooms to make a house a home. It may be a reflection of the people, relationships, or experiences that make everything truly worthwhile, or simply never fail to put a smile on your face, or which make you feel gratitude and peace. Appreciating and celebrating these influences, including the incredible personalities of those family members who came before us – their impact on us, and their legacy – provide a sense of history, family and place which makes a house a home.

This Valentine’s Day we express our profound gratitude and admiration for my grandparents, Wayne and Millie. Reading a recently discovered letter between the two from 1949 (and these hilarious clippings my grandma had sentimentally saved from their high school paper) reminds us that while times change, true love is a constant.

However you choose to bring authenticity into your Modern Cottage (maybe in a simple photo collection or with heirloom furniture) you will undoubtedly bring soul and spirit into your home. I love the first clipping, Hold your breath! Anything can happen. Turns out that was a lifetime together resulting in five kids, fifteen grand kids, and (so far) twenty great-grand kids. Thanks, W + M for starting the family tree off right. We miss you a ton.