Modern Cottage


squatty lamps

We can’t help but notice how squatty lamps (technical term) have been cropping up. There is something relaxed and casual about them. Like they are in a chill state and can’t be bothered.

I quite like this one from Rejuvenation. It reminds me somewhat of a grumpy person (but in an amusing way) and it’s called Emeretta. She also comes with the option of a pleated shade.

This one from Lulu & Georgia is also quite sweet and unassuming with it’s unique and sculptural shade. Definitely a lamp that can make a room.

For a budget pick, this little vanilla-hued one from Home Depot is not too shabby. I appreciate that the finial is black!

Finally, this guy definitely wins the limbo contest. Extra-squatty but with a pleasingly rustic, earthy vibe.