Modern Cottage


square pegs

Our recent Heritage project was all about incorporating both primitive (read: very simple and unadorned, as is the Modern Cottage way) and functional elements. Shaker style peg rails and shelves were an obvious fit. However, as our aesthetic dictates, the common, curved shaker pegs just didn’t feel quite on par with the modern, clean look we were going for. It occurred to me that a square peg, uniform in width (ie no tapering!) and with no decorative-feeling rounded end, would be supreme in a Modern Cottage. After vigorous online sleuthing produced zero options, I realized we needed to make them from scratch. And so, out went the call to our amazing wood worker Brandon. We discussed dimensions and quantity, and I could quickly tell he knew what I was after. Fantastically, it was not long before he texted me the following sketch:

So many heart eyes! I gave him the go ahead, and the result was beyond perfect. He took a few progress pics along the way which made me very excited.


Take a look at them all painted up! And if you too are looking for square pegs, or maybe just a more modern way to do a traditional peg rail, I hope this makes your project that much easier.