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mushie rinse cup

Unless you have a hand shower, at some point you will need a way to rinse down a tub – and if you have little kids, you already know how key this item is (yes, this post is indeed about a flexible water pitcher) for washing hair in the bath. For so long the only options for these little bath pitchers were garish primary-colored ones that inevitably cracked or trapped water and made you wince every time you saw them sitting on the bath ledge, reminding you that you had to resort to cheap blue plastic. I happened upon these last week and ordered up two of them. Yes, they are a little more expensive than others, but I think the 100% silicone (and dishwasher safe-aspect) will mean they’ll last a ton longer.

The fact that they look artful and sleek (and the stunning color palette) makes my heart sing. I purchased the Shifting Sands color. The brand is Mushie and they have a whole line of stylish stuff for littles in modern, calming colors and shapes…basically what I dreamed of but could NEVER find when the kids were small. The tub spout cover is equally inoffensive and the color of this bib is SO good. Well done.