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mom’s day roundup

Hooray for moms! Some ideas to make her smile…

Clare V.’s new 14k gold Ridge Locket is beautifully simple with vintage vibes. Be sure to nestle in a couple sweet photos.

Plant moms may enjoy this clever and adorable ceramic planter with watering pocket from Etsy.

Readers that look nothing like readers? Yes please. This is the Muse style from Look Optic.

Lightening bolt socks from Imogine + Willie paired with a luxurious lip gloss like this one would be a nice treat.

Molly’s Suds for the all-natural loads of laundry YOU will do for mom. Bonus points if you are 12 and under. (Other little kid options: Take the dog out. Clean your room. Go on a walk together. Read her a book).

For the moms that just need a break – get her the Nod Pod. I love this weighted sleep mask so much. It’s quite amazing how soothing it is, and how it manages to make you feel like you are totally escaping the noise/light/chaos that frequently fills moms’ busy worlds. Enjoy!