Modern Cottage


hardware love

White porcelain, forever in our hearts. The yester-year spirit of this smooth, glossy material makes it an instant partner for any Modern Cottage. One way to incorporate white porcelain in your home is with your door hardware. Not only do the knobs feel heavy and luxurious in your hand, but they add a distinctive quality and heritage feel to a home. The contrast of this matte black backplate showcases it perfectly. These ones are from Emtek, but Rejuvenation and Nostalgic Warehouse are options well. And while they can get a bit spendy depending on your budget, choosing just a handful of places to use them is always an alternative. High-quality hardware goes a long way in a Modern Cottage, where function and longevity are just as important as beauty.

The material is equally sweet for cabinet knobs, used here against rift white oak in our Americana project.