We have cultivated a passion for architecture and design since we were kids. Fortunately we embrace a similar aesthetic and see eye-to-eye on design which has culminated in the style we've termed Modern Cottage. With our combined years of experience in real estate, remodeling, design, development, and construction, we have honed our expertise in Modern Cottage design, and currently create Modern Cottages near Seattle, Washington.

Welcome to the way of Modern Cottage living. We hope you’ll find it as inspiring as our projects and design in the Modern Cottage way have inspired us. While there may be varying ideas as to what ‘cottage’ means, for us it is only the best traits of a cottage: relaxed, welcoming, comfortable, and character-filled. What it is not? Cluttered, doily-ed, floral, cramped – you get the idea. That’s where the modern comes in. A Modern Cottage is a beautiful fusion of clean, simple, warm and inviting. It’s uncluttered, unfussy, and never ornate or overdone. Cottage touches and design are executed in a modern way. Modern Cottage means functional spaces and floor plans, too – a place for everything, to allow one to live simply and beautifully, and not be overtaken by ‘stuff’. Much of the beauty and style is built right into the architecture and finish detailing, creating a gorgeous canvas to personalize with just a few favorite colors and treasured objects and accessories. So take a look around, and let the inspiration begin!


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